Annual Taxes

Our annual tax bill is under $1,200.00 a year, which includes a small fee to our community.



Solar and fresh water are free, propane costs us about $600-750.00 per year, depending on how late we go in the fall.  They deliver to our tank once a year and we usually use about half the tank, so longer use is always possible.

We are the first and only owners, built in 1987 and updated regularly.  Our kids were raised with summers on the lake, and we believe in lasting memories and great relationships with our neighbours.  The cottage is $395K, the great neighbours are free.  

About Us

Morning sunrises over the hill.

Quiet, still lake that reflects the hills like a mirror.

Warm water you can swim in from June till September.  (Okay, we swim from May till Thanksgiving)

Evening fires on the stone beach with brilliant, starry nights. 

Moonlight swims.

Ducks and loons, the Salmon run, the occasional deer, and of course, our regular hummingbirds.